Hiatt for Senate
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I want to hear...

your story.

I connect to stories.  I love to hear stories and I love to share stories.  District 13 has been my home for nearly 30 years.  My husband, Tim and I have had great opportunities as residents of South Dakota for fulfilling careers, home ownership and our children, Joseph and Lily, have received an excellent education in the Sioux Falls School District.  While living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has served me well, I know each person has their own story.  I've seen the joy and struggle.  As your Senator, I have the courage to speak up and not only tell my story, but your story too!  I'm interested in the barriers that you have faced, in the hopes that you have and the ways that I can serve and represent you in Pierre.  Please take a moment to tell me your story!  



bright future

The future of South Dakota is bright, but it takes hard work to ensure that it is bright for everyone.   I want all South Dakotans to be able to thrive.  Job security, fair wages, education and affordable health care are just a few areas we need to address to secure a bright future for all. 



balanced legislature

There are 35 seats in the South Dakota Senate. In 2016, 

  • 29 senators were Republicans; 6 were Democrats
  • 32 were men; and 3 were women

A vote for Melissa would help to balance the South Dakota Senate. 




bold leadership

South Dakota needs a leader who has the  courage to have difficult conversations, challenge the status quo with innovative ideas; and has a deep hope that things can be better.  Throughout my career I have helped lead change, I have stood in the gap between people or groups on differing sides and have helped clarify goals and move people forward.